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Making Space: A Review of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing

Welcome to Currents in Electronic Literacy’s review of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing, held November 10th in Mankato, Minnesota. Our collective review of the conference theme (“Online Pedagogies: Making Space for Social Networks”) continues the tradition of documenting some of our field's emerging research and scholarship set forth in other web documents such as the CCCC Interactive Reviews. We find this work especially poignant given the fact that the Great Plains Alliance is the last surviving regional conference in Computers and Writing, and we lament the fact that so many wonderful ideas presented at past Great Plains meetings and other regional events have not been preserved or documented like they are here in this issue of Currents in Electronic Literacy. We hope these reviews provide you the opportunity to consider some of the current trends in social networking, teaching online and using learning management systems in the teaching of writing, and we look forward to continuing to document the wonderful work being presented and the ideas shaping our field.

- Randall McClure and Lee Tesdell, Editors

Conference Call and Overview

Keynote Address Abstract

Session Reviews

Sessions on Social Networking

Social Networking I: Social Networks and Computer Classrooms: Where Do Collaboration, Play, and Pedagogy Fit?
By Randall McClure

Social Networking II: “How Online Socializing Alters Student Approaches to Communication, Identity, and Writing”
by Zach Pitts

Social Networking IV: Too Much Information? Finding A Productive Place for Social Networks in the Composition Classroom
by Oleksandr Komarenko

Social Networking V: Multiple Titles
by Sadie Arch

Social Networking VI: Multiple Titles
by Sadie Arch

Other Sessions

Blogging I: “Three Perspectives on Four Years of Blogging: Tetradic Reflections”
by Catherine Hooper

Learning Management Systems I: “D2L and Classroom Interactions”
by Jessica Benjamin

Learning Management Systems II: “Online Cultural Inquiry: Mid-Westerners and Mexican Americans Moodling through The Odyssey and Paradise Lost”
by Lee Tesdell

Technology and Collaboration I: “Writing as One Mind: Adventures in Web Based Collaboration”
by Bronson Lemer

Technology and Collaboration II: Multiple Titles
by Jeris Swanhorst

Technology and Creative Writing I: “Technology and Community in the Creative Writing Classroom”
by Jade Faul

Technology and the Classroom I: “Changing the Boundaries of Student Communication with Classroom Technology”
by Nancy MacKenzie

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