Currents in Electronic Literacy

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E-Poetry: New Poetics (?)

Fall 2001, Issue 5

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It is the policy of Currents in Electronic Literacy that all published contributions must meet the W3C accessibility standards. While all Currents' articles are accessible, readers are advised that these same articles may contain links to other Web sites which do not meet accessibility guidelines.

Currents in Electronic Literacy (ISSN 1524-6493) is published by the Computer Writing and Research Lab of the Division of Rhetoric and Composition at The University of Texas at Austin, which reserves all copyrights to its contents. 

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In this Issue
E-Poetics, E-Criticism, and Accessibility
An overview of the current Currents.

Special Topic: New (E-) Poetics
A Quick Buzz around the Universe of Electronic Poetry
A tour of the e-poetry cosmos, by Deena Larsen.

The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls
Reflections on the challenges facing e-poets and e-novelists, by M. D. Coverley.

Sea Whispers
An e-poem by Deena Larsen.

E-Poets on the State of their Electronic Art
A Currents' survey.

Articles: Hyperliterature and Links
Reading Time: For a Poetics of Hypermedia Writing
An examination of the evolving time-based electronic literature, by Bill Marsh.

Realism and a General Economy of the Link
An exploration of the use and "value" of links, by Adrian Miles.

Don't Believe the Hype:
Rereading Michael Joyce's Afternoon and Twelve Blue

A study of the difficulties in distinguishing between print and hypertext narratives, by Anthony Enns.

Opinions: E-Literature and Accessibility
The White Wall: Reframing the Mirror, by M. D. Coverley
A re-view from the e-novelist on making the accessible version of "The Mirror."

What You See is not What I See, by Deena Larsen
Considerations from the e-poet on re-seeing and making "Sea Whispers" accessible.

Equivalent Alternatives? Electronic Poetry and Readers with Disabilities, by John Slatin, Currents' General Editor
An Assessment of the Accessible E-Poetry in Currents and Advice to E-Poets.