Currents in Electronic Literacy

E-poets on the State of their Electronic Art

A Currents' Survey

For this issue, Currents conducted a survey of e-poets prominent in their field.
Below are their unedited responses.

       Meet our survey respondents:

  1. How do you define your work--what categorizations/classifications (traditional or otherwise) would you use to distinguish e-poetry in general and your work in particular?

  2. What are you doing in e-poetry that cannot be done in more traditional modes (such as linear paper)?

  3. If you "collaborate" with others (for instance, outsource particular technological aspects of a "poem"), do you feel this affects the poem's "authorship?"

  4. Who are your readers and how are you interacting with them? How is youraudience similar to and/or different from that of the traditional poet's?

  5. What excites you about this new medium for poetry? And what particular drawbacks (if any) does working with electronic technology present?

  6. How are you integrating/embracing other media such as sound, animation, and navigation?

  7. What kind of aesthetic is emerging in the field?

  8. What do you think the future holds for e-poets and e-poetry?

Please cite this article as Currents in Electronic Literacy Fall 2001 (5),