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Fall 2001

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It is the policy of Currents in Electronic Literacy that all published contributions must meet the W3C accessibility standards. While all Currents' articles are accessible, readers are advised that these same articles may contain links to other Web sites which do not meet accessibility guidelines.

Currents in Electronic Literacy (ISSN 1524-6493) is published by the Computer Writing and Research Lab of the Division of Rhetoric and Composition at The University of Texas at Austin, which reserves all copyrights to its contents. 

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General Editor:
John Slatin

Coordinating Editor:
Roger Rouland

Assistant Editor:
Melinda Lipani

Advisory Board:
Lisa Avery
Peter Caster
Elisabeth Horany
Casey McKittrick
Paul Minifee
Samuel Myung
Melynda Nuss
Todd Onderdonk

Suzanne Penuel
Audra Rouse
Lee Rumbarger
Miriam Schacht
Marcela Sulak
Melanie Ulrich
Sarah Wakefield