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Thoughts About John

1. I met John around 1998 or so and worked with him until completing my dissertation in 2004. A lot of our coursework together was in the then-popular term "hypertext"—we studied Web lexia to understand the impact on literature and rhetoric of the Web as a medium, and we usually constructed our analyses in hypertext as well. I got to work with John through Knowbility ( and the AIR-Austin events as well, and over time we became friends as well as colleagues.

2. It seemed appropriate for this edition of Currents to take on a practice I often took on with John: to construct something in a new, Web-driven textual form and use it to explore not only my memories but also the effects of a medium on that expression. I've constructed a Tumblr blog that captures something between journaling and collage, presents in reverse-chronological order in the common mode of blogs, and should be considered a living document.

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