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honoria in ciberspazio: the first internet opera

1. John Slatin is one of the characters in the first Internet opera. While I facilitated the creation of the cyberopera in 1994-7, with over 60 online contributors, John mentored the editing and housed the opera files on the CWRL servers as it grew and morphed into a 3-act libretto. John's character is the blind oracle of ciberspazio, sung by the bass. His lines emphasize the drama, tension, and uncertainty of life online. When John delivered the oracle's lines at the first full reading of the libretto in 1995 he wore a white tux, a full spectrum cummerbund, and a white top hat.

2. John's oracle of ciberspazio dazzled!

3. John and I energized each other in compatible creativity. John's influence infused joy and wit into too many of my projects to list. The biggest John-infused project is the opera and the second biggest
is my dissertation research into the effects of the Internet on the 50-year old Mail Art Network.

4. To me John is dancing synapses, flirting texts, and jumps off edges of the grandest of quirky ideas to see if they will fly...and I remain buoyed by his memory.

You can find the full site, complete with details of the work in progress, further description of the project's inception, scene synposes, and a Spanish translation, at honoria in ciberspazio

On the pages below, you'll find the transcript of the libretto.

Libretto: Act I
Libretto: Act II
Libretto: Act III

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