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Long Description of Figure 3 (Rethinking Usability)

This figure depicts the process of sharing content via a share link. The first image is of a white rectangle with a black border. This rectangle represents a “Web page with a share button.” Inside the rectangle there are two gears, one orange and one yellow. There is a curvy arrow that leads from the gear rectangular box to another, slightly larger, rectangular box. The curvy arrow reads “1. Pop-up window.” The rectangular box that the curvy arrow leads to is also white with black border. Inside the rectangle, there is a faux data form with a blank name and email field and a checked box for a newsletter. This rectangle represents a “Web 2.0 application with which content will be shared.” From this rectangle, an arrow leads back to the “Web page with a share button” rectangle. This arrow is labeled “2. Close and return to page.”

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