Currents: An E-Journal Submission Guidelines

Currents in Electronic Literacy encourages submissions that take advantage of the hypertext and multimedia possibilities afforded by our World Wide Web publication format. To this end, we gladly accept articles with graphics, sound, and hyperlinks submitted as HTML documents. We ask, however, that such submissions take into account reader-access issues, and that they routinely incorporate such accommodations as the inclusion of <alt> tags in any image and the use of content tags (e.g., citation <cite> and emphasis <em> tags) instead of the corresponding physical markup tags (e.g., italics <i> and bold <b> tags) whenever possible.

We are also pleased to publish essays in more traditional formats. Please submit these essays either in HTML, Word 97/98, or Rich Text Format (RTF). We accept electronic submissions by email at as well as on 3.5" floppy or Zip by post at:

Currents in Electronic Literacy
c/o Computer Writing and Research Lab
Parlin 3, University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX  78712

All submissions should adhere to MLA style guidelines for citations and documentation, which may be found online at <>. Currents reserves all copyrights to published articles, and we require all of our articles to be housed on our Web server.