Currents: An E-Journal Statement of Purpose

Currents in Electronic Literacy is an electronic journal for the scholarly discussion of issues pertaining to electronic literacy, widely construed. We seek to publish work addressing the use of electronic texts and technologies in reading, writing, teaching, and learning in fields including but not restricted to: literature (in English and in other languages), rhetoric and composition, languages (English, foreign, or ESL), communications, media studies, and education. We are especially interested in work that takes advantage of the hypertext possibilities afforded by our World Wide Web publication format, as well as in articles concerning the use of emergent electronic technologies.

Currents is maintained by the Computer Writing and Research Lab of the Division of Rhetoric and Composition at the University of Texas at Austin. The e-journal's ISSN is 1524-6493. The e-journal is published twice annually (spring and fall), and replaces Computer Writing, Rhetoric, and Literature as the official e-journal of the CWRL.